Money Transfers

Money Transfer allows you to put money directly from your credit card into your current account as great promotional rates.
Key Features and Benefits
Great promotional rate of 12.9% fixed interest rate for up to 6 months*
(once the promotional rate has expired, the standard variable rate applicable to your account will apply thereafter)
No transfer fees
Flexibility to transfer money directly from your credit card to your personal bank account** 
Transfer amounts from €100 up to 95% of your credit limit
Transfer before 2.30pm weekdays, money will be credited to your personal bank account in one business day, transfers completed after 2.30pm, weekends and bank holidays will take 2 business days***
Key Criteria
  • Available to the main cardholder on the account only
  • Available to existing AvantCard customers only
  • Account is up to date and is not restricted
  • Maximum transfer value is subject to your available credit at the time of your request
To transfer funds to your personal account today just call us on 0818 409 511 - all you will need is your BIC & IBAN to make a transfer. 
* The promotional rate expiry will be 2 days less than six months if you request a Money Transfer after 2.30pm on a Friday
** Personal bank account excludes credit, store and loan accounts
*** We may use our contractual discretion not to authorise a transfer in certain circumstances, for example by acting to prevent potential over indebtedness