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Who is eligible to use this website?

The Group Scheme website, powered by Wrkit, may be used by existing Avantcard credit card customers and authorised users . Simply log in to Online banking to find out more.

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Are there any restrictions on discounts offered by partners?

In some cases, there are restrictions. For example, many discounts do not apply on sale goods. Restrictions are noted within the offer terms and conditions. Restrictions are also noted on the vouchers if there is a requirement for a voucher.

What if I have forgotten my login details?

Don’t worry, your password can be re-set on the login portal. An email will be sent to you with your new password.

What if I close my Avantcard Credit Card account?

Once you have closed your account with Avantcard, your account with Avantages, powered by Wrkit will also close.

What if I still have questions or need help?

Please send Wkrit an email detailing your query to info@wrkit.com.

For more terms and conditions visit www.avantages.group-scheme.com.