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You should now have received your brand new Avantcard credit card!

So that we know it has arrived safely, you will need to activate it before you can use it.

Your PIN will arrive separately and usually around the same time as your card.

How do I activate my card?

How do I activate my card?

Set up your new online banking account

Firstly click on the “Login” button at the top of this page and select the "Not registered yet?" link.

Then you will need:

  • your credit card or account number

  • your credit limit details

  • the same personal information you gave us when you originally applied for the card

Activating your card

We will prompt you along the way to activate your card once you've registered.  You will find these prompts in

1. your welcome message

2. your home page (where you see the picture of your new card)

3. your "Services" menu where you can select the "Activate my Card"  option