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What are Balance and Money Transfers?


What is a Balance Transfer?

A Balance Transfer allows you to quickly transfer a balance owed to another credit card provider to your Avantcard credit card and could save you money on interest payments.

How it works!

You can transfer from €100 right up to 95% of your credit limit from your other credit cards to your Avantcard credit card at our promotional interest rates.


What is a Money Transfer?

A Money Transfer is a transfer of money’s from your credit card to your bank account at a promotional interest rate.

How it works!

Need some extra cash fast? Then consider a Money Transfer from Avantcard. You can transfer money from your credit card to your bank account.

The money can be in your bank account within one business day subject to approval. It’s that simple.


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  • Balance transfer Transfer all your credit card balances together and have just one balance, one monthly payment, all at 9.9% for 6 months. Find out more
  • Money transfer You can transfer money from your credit card to your bank account at our standard variable interest rate. Find out more
  • Avantages Rewards Programme Our new rewards page, powered by Wrkit, offers hundreds of discounts, cashback and services for our customers. Find out more

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Do you have the Avantage?

Do you have the Avantage?

What is Avantages?

Avantages is our Customer Rewards programme, to help you save money with 100’s of discounts and cashback offers from leading retailers available at your fingertips. These offers are available via our partners, Wrkit, Mastercard and Simply log in to online banking to find out more.

About Avantages:

  • Avantages rewards - Our new rewards programme, powered by Wrkit, offers hundreds of discounts, cashback and services to our customers.

  • Mastercard - Priceless® Cities is a programme available exclusively to Mastercard cardholders and provides access to unforgettable experiences in the cities where you live and travel.

  • - We offer a 4% cashback with We are providing our customers with this great offer via our new Avantages rewards programme.

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That’s great.  Again, it’s so easy. Just make sure you are opted into electronic marketing and be the first to know.  You can do this by simply logging into online banking updating your Avantcard marketing preferences via the Settings menu.

Key Criteria for Transfers

Key Criteria for Transfers


  • Transfer before 2.30pm weekdays and the funds will be credited to your account in one business day. Transfers completed after 2.30pm, weekends and bank holidays will take 2 business days.
  • The promotional rate expiry will be 2 days less if you request a transfer after 2.30pm on a Friday.
  • Once the promotional rate has expired, the standard variable rate applicable to your account will apply thereafter.
  • Transfers are available to the main cardholder on the account only.
  • The account should be up to date and not restricted.
  • We may use our contractual discretion not to authorise a transfer in certain circumstances, for example by acting to prevent potential over indebtedness.
  • A credit reference agency search may be required to help us approve your request.
  • You'll need to pay your minimum monthly repayment on time each month and stay within your credit limit to keep your promotional rates.